OUCH! Glow in the Dark - Elite Beginner Pump

Manufacturer: Shots

The Elite Beginner Pump from Ouch! and their Glow in the Dark series has a fantastic pistol grip and pressure gauge so that you pumping session is as precise and effective as possible! Its green details will glow in the dark and turn your sessions into something way more exciting!

Start your session by penetrating the silicone sleeve and begin pumping once your penis is comfortably inside. For nicer sensations, rub some water-based lube directly on your cock or on the silicone sleeve. You'll feel and see the pressure rise, increasing succion inside the vacuum and making your penis grow at a glance. The tight vacuum creates a very pleasing and exciting effect and your cock will grow until it's as hard as can be.

Penis pumps and cock rings are well-known to help you against erectile dysfunctions and premature ejaculation. With training, you can reach better results and will last longer in bed but it's your new size and energy that will surprise you the most.

The sight of your growing penis in the cylinder will excite you and you'll be ready for a hard session after that! For even better effects and a bigger growth, take a hot bath or shower before your session, and use a cockring after your session to optimize your size.

To clean it after your session, wash it thoroughly with warm water and mild soap or sextoy cleaner and let it air dry before storing it away from sunlight.

To activate the Glow in the dark effect, simply put it under intense light for a few minutes.

Product details:
✓ Exciting penis pump
✓ For greater sensations in bed
✓ Glows in the dark
✓ More excitement
✓ Special Bondage accessory
✓ Practical hand pump with pistol system and gauge
✓ Easy to use and clean

Total length: approx. 66 cm
Insertable length: approx. 21 cm
Diameter: approx. 6.5 cm
Material: glow in the dark green, clear
Color: ABS, silicone

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