Tenga - Double Hole Cup Masturbator

Manufacturer: Tenga

2 holes, twice the pleasure! This revolutionary Japanese TENGA Double Hole masturbator has a super-tight hole and a gently-clinging orifice. Slip into the 2 lubed-up air-cushioned chambers and enjoy wholly different orgasmic sensations. Heaven! From the front and from the back - enjoy two different sensual sensations with this onacup. A masturbation cup with two holes that allows you to enjoy different types of sensual sensations - the 'Bitter Side' and the 'Sweet Side'. The 'Bitter Side' firmly tightens while the 'Sweet Side' gently clings to your member. Normal use is one side at a time. But, using both sides of this onacup simultaneously transports you to the virtual world of a 'threesome'.

Length: 15,5 cm
Color: Red

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16.90 EUR

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