Tenga - 3D Spiral

Tenga - 3D Spiral

Manufacturer: Tenga

Next to the famous Tenga Flip Holes the 3D fromTenga continues the line of reusable Tenga Onaholes. It has a noble and discreet appearance. The main feature of these masturbators is that the beautifully shaped inner structure of the Tenga 3D masturbators is turned outside at first. The Tenga 3D masturbator has a total length of 12 cm and feature one opening.

Like all Tenga products these are made of high-quality TPR as well. Before usage the outside must be turned inside. Then just lubricate your Tenga and you can go on right away. When you are done just use its stand to let it dry after washing. A very clever and easy to use masturbator system and a perfect example of the inventiveness of Tenga products!

Total length: approx. 12 cm
Material: TPR (thermoplastic rubber)

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