Hoolalass Plug Wing Yellow

Hoolalass Plug Wing Yellow

Manufacturer: Keepburning

Its name says it all! Thanks to its original shape with lots of bulges and curves, Wing will fly you to an incredible orgasm. Wing is a Hoolalass product that can be inserted in the Hoolalass Anal Lock thanks to its basis.

The Hoolalass system is one of the most innovative developments in the anal plug and cock ring sector. In combination with the Hoolalass Anal Lock Cockring (sold separately) you will be stimulated with every little movement of your penis anally too. Just pull the 40 mm wide, stretchy opening of the anal lock over testicles and penis and insert one of the various Hoolalass plugs into the second, 30 mm hole.

Dildo on the picture is not included.

Weight: ca. 215 g
Length of shaft: ca. 100 mm
Total length: ca. 140 mm
Diameter: ca. 38-60 mm
Color: Yellow

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