Pleasure Torch Stainless Steel Dildo

Pleasure Torch Stainless Steel Dildo

This stainless steel torch brings you hard pleasure to the darkest caves.

Dildos made of stainless steel have the advantage that they are virtually indestructible. So you buy sextoys for a lifetime. Furthermore, the material is easy to keep clean and hygienic.

Contrary to popular belief, toys made of steel are not uncomfortably cold. Just preheat it under warm water. If you want to explore new stimuli, you can vary with the temperature.

The surface is smooth and highly polished. The handle allows a strong guidance.

The tip is 3.5cm long and has a diameter of 40mm at the thickest point. The long shaft has a diameter of 32mm.

Weight: approx. 1900 g
Length of shaft: approx. 23 cm
Total length: approx. 32 cm
Diameter: approx. 32 mm
Material: Stainless Steel

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69.90 EUR

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