CockyBoys Leather Code Band - Red - Fisting

CockyBoys Leather Code Band - Red - Fisting

Manufacturer: Cocky Boys

This Code Wrist band is the effective kind to present your liking. The color code red shows your addiction for fisting. Not only the colour contain a code, but how side to wear it on. Wear it on your left if you’re a top, and on the right if you’re not. The band can wear as cock ring too. It is adjustable through 6 metal snaps.

The meaning of the different code colors:
Black - S&M
Dark Blue - Anal
Light Blue - Oral
Yellow - Watersports
Orange - Up for anything
Green - Hustler
Grey - Bondage
Red - Fisting

Adjustable Diameter:  3.5 - 7.5 cm
Material: Leather
Color: Red

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14.90 EUR

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