King Cock - Deluxe Vibrating Inflatable Hot Seat

Manufacturer: Pipedream

Deluxe Vibrating Inflatable Hot Seat takes you to the ride of your life. The seating is with 44.5 cm in diameter well dimensioned and has a smooth vibrator anchored in his middle. On this you can slip on one of the 3 included King Cock Dildos. In the vibrator works a powerfully vibration-motor whose power can regulate by the tethered remote controller. The handles on the side allow you to explore new positions and make the adventure more enjoyable.

The Inflatable Hot Seat is made from firm vinyl that holds up to 300 lbs (136 kg). The ball has an air-seal valve for inflating with pump or mouth.

The Deluxe Vibrating Inflatable Hot Seat comes with 3 realistic King Cock dildos. The cocks are specially designed for this device and modelled with the love to detail for your realistic experience. Choose between the little white, the middle brown or the big black one. All King Cocks are mode form hypoallergenic and phthalate free PVC.

- 6 inch King Cock Dildo
- 7 inch King Cock Dildo
- 8 inch King Cock Dildo
- Multi-Speed Remote Control
- 1 fl. oz. Moist® Body Lotion
- 1 fl. oz. Refresh® Toy Cleaner

6 inch Dildo - Length: 6 inch (approx. 16 cm), Diameter: 1.6 inch (approx. 4.5 cm)
7 inch Dildo - Length: 7 inch (approx. 18.5 cm), Diameter: 1.7 inch (approx. 4.6 cm)
8 inch Dildo - Length: 8 inch (approx. 20 cm), Diameter: 1.8 inch (approx. 4.7 cm)
Hot Seat - Height: 9 inch (23 cm), Diameter: 17.5 inch (44.5 cm)

Batteries: 2 x AA Batteries (not included)
Material: PVC, ABS Plastic, Vinyl

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