Fetish Singlet - Black

Manufacturer: TOF Paris

Be prepared to be at the center of attention with the black Fetish Singlet from TOF Paris, a sexy and bulge-showing singlet for hot close encounters!

Made with a high quality mix that looks like wet leather, the design is really appetizing for the eyes and will show your body under the best light, inspired by wrestlers outfits.

Designed with seamless sides, comfort and sex-appeal are your highest priority as the elastic straps enhance your back muscles and help shape your muscled body.

Product details:
✓ Front pouch with exciting bulge
✓ Provides extra lift and support
✓ Super sexy design
✓ Comfy elastic straps and gentle muscle support
✓ Discreet TOF logo
✓ Proudly designed and made in Paris, France

Material: 58% polyester, 36% polyurethane, 6% elasthane
Color: black

Sizechart TOF Paris


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48.90 EUR

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