Black Bondage Cotton Rope 10m

Black Bondage Cotton Rope 10m

With the 10 meter Black Bondage cotton rope, you can bind your partner and do what you want with them during brillant kinky bondage sessions!

Try your hand at shibari or any other exercise in kink, as being tied up will greatly excite you and make you or your partner completely helpless (if done well).

This beautiful bundle of durable, light and practical black rope can be used to bind the hands and legs of your partner, whether on the bed, a chair or to another tool, like a hook.

Product details:
✓ Long black rope
✓ Perfect for Shibari or BDSM sessions
✓ Light, durable and practical
✓ Made with cotton
✓ Bind your partner for more excitement

Total length: approx. 10 m
Width: approx. 9 mm
Material: cotton
Color: black

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9.90 EUR

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