Insert Oval Pad & Small Cap for Banger Station - Red

Insert Oval Pad & Small Cap for Banger Station - Red

Manufacturer: XTRM

The Oval Insert Pad and the Small Cap are sold together so you can enjoy more stimulating and intense sessions with the Banger Station. Use the oval poppers in a whole new way thanks to the new long Booster and experience incredible sensations.

The fitting 24 ml bottles are (but not limited to): BDSM Ultra, COLT Fuel, English Pentyl, Fist Fuck Ultra Strong, Fist Strong, Jungle Juice Ultra Strong, Liquid XL Gold, Rush Ultra Strong, Rush Ultra Strong Black Label and Rush White Edition. These bottles are called oval bottles because of their shape and are not the same as the large square bottles.

Enjoy stronger sensations with the large oval bottles as they contain way more aroma to stimulate you! Over time, as the liquid reduces, you'll have more air in the bottle meaning more air for the aroma to develop and stronger sensations.

The insert is there so you can place your large oval bottle of poppers on the pad and be able to use the Banger Station with it.

Product details:
✓ Red insert Pad for your Banger Station
✓ The perfect form for your bottle
✓ Compatible with all large OVAL bottles
✓ With small cap
✓ New and fun way to enjoy aromas
✓ Easy to use and to clean

Contains: 1x insert Pad for large oval bottles and 1x Small Cap

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24.90 EUR

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