Mystim Conductive Adhesive 50g

Mystim Conductive Adhesive 50g

Manufacturer: Mystim

This special Conductive Adhesive from Mystim helps you stick electrodes on your skin with a lot of ease. This wonderful adhesive was created especially for the body and for electrodes that do not stick on their own.

Just add a small dollop directly on the skin and stick the electrode on it. The gel helps conducting the E-Stimulation directly on the skin for better and more satisfying sensations when using electric toys.

Product details:
✓ Conductive glue
✓ For attaching electrodes to the body
✓ No need for additional tapes
✓ Perfect for E-Stim sessions and Mystim toys
✓ Cannot be used as lube
✓ Contains 50g

Content: 50 g
Price per kg: 338.00 EUR

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