ZIZI Beads Analplug Black

ZIZI Beads Analplug Black

Manufacturer: ZIZI

17 cm long anal stimulation with triple different diameters. The egg shaped balls are inclined for a wider diameter. The light curved tip stimulate pleasant and unerring the p-spot. The distances between the balls give your sphincter a break before a greater exercise come up to him.

The smooth and flexible material provides a secure feeling. The stability of material gives a really good fulfilling feeling.

The round base with practicable suction cup awards the plug an extremely stability on smooth surfaces.

After the highly valued success of its range of cock rings, Zizi now turns to plugs, with the constant and leading objective of ensuring maximum fun and safety.

All Zizi products are made of top quality PVC, guaranteed without phthalates or lead. Moreover, all Zizi toys are tested in laboratory before being launched on the market.

Flexible and very durable material. Easy to clean with soap and hot water.

Length: approx. 17.5 cm
Total length: approx. 19 cm
Diameter: approx. 3 - 4.8 cm
Material: PVC
Color: Black

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12.90 EUR

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