ManCage Cock Cage Model 4 - Black

Manufacturer: Shots

The black Man|Cage Cock Cages Model 4 are manufactured from high-grade polycarbonate, a very light, durable, waterproof and hypoallergenic material. The chastity cages consist of three parts which fit perfectly together. The two guidance pins connect the top parts and the oval taper pin connects the rings with the cage.

A variety of rings in different sizes and distance pieces will allow you to create the perfect size! The rings have a comfortable fit and are absolutely safe. A metal lock or tie-wrap lock can easily close the cage. The included tie-wrap locks ensure that they will not trigger the alarm of metal detectors at parties, festivals or even airports!

As hygiene is very important while wearing a cock cage, the superior Man|Cage series are equipped with a variety of vents and a urination opening. The chastity cage makes it impossible to get an erection but it will, after liberation, be super intense, just like the freeing orgasm to follow!

The Man|Cage Cock Cage gives the key-holder optimal power over sexual gratification! Take your BDSM play to the next level! The only question left: Control or better be controlled?

Product details:
Length: approx. 12 cm
Inner Diameter Cage: approx. 3,5 cm
Adjustable Rings: approx. 4,5 / 5 / 5,5 / 6 cm
Material: PC/ABS (100% Waterproof, Phthalate-free)
Color: Black

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