Fleshjack Boys: Cade Maddox Butt - Alpha Texture

Manufacturer: Fleshjack

Be the first to tame Cade Maddox, the ultimate Alpha male and top actor, thanks to his very own Fleshjack masturbator molded directly and faitfully on his hole.

With his masculine looks and hot stud body, Cade is well-known for his dominant and top-only preference for sex, so try his exclusive hole and experience ultimate satisfaction.

The Alpha texture is made of geometrical and abrupt textures as well as multiple chambers and tight corridors to male for a truly unique and overwhelming experience.

Fleshjack masturbators are the perfect masturbators when you need something durable and orgasmic, made by professional care and the most accurate reproduction of your favourite pornstars. The incredible soft and flexible material retains warmth like human skin to make your session ever more realistic.

After use, clean it with warm water and let it fully dry before storing away in the Fleshjack cup.

Product details:
✓ Lifelike texture
✓ Filled to the brim with stimulating nubs
✓ Hard and durable case
✓ Adjustable suction on the cap
✓ Incrediby realistic sensations
✓ Easy to use and easy to clean

Total length: approx. 24.8 cm
Insertable length: approx. 21.6 cm
Diameter: approx. 9.8 cm
Material: SuperSkin, ABS
Color: light skin

This item is currently unavailable.

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