Manufacturer: Funline

Content: 25 ml
Isopentyl Nitrite - CAS 110-46-3
Isopentanol - CAS 123-51-3

The Rush brand is back with its new and pure Gold Label Poppers, a purified recipe that has been popular since the seventies in the gay and nightlife communities!

Open the bottle of Gold Rush and live out incredible moments in bed or at the club for endless sessions of dance, partying and love-making if you're in the mood. It will make your sensations better and turn you into a lusty sex beast!

Poppers like the Gold Rush are super famous for their erotic effects, making anal sex better and less painful as well as enhancing your orgasms for unforgettable sessions! Whether you're popperbating solo or in a hot session with your partner, you'll love what the Gold Rush poppers has to offer!

Product details:

✓ Ultra strong erotic effects
✓ Relaxes and stimulates
✓ Big 25 ml bottle
✓ Made with strong isopentyl nitrite
✓ New stock, fresh bottle
✓ Maximum strength
✓ With security cap
✓ Prevents leaks and evaporation

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10.90 EUR

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