Creature Cocks - King Cobra Silicone Dildo

Manufacturer: XR brands

With its unique design full of scales and curves, the King Cobra dildo by Creature Cocks is ready to set its shaft on you and penetrate! Its length and special texture make it a prime example of what monster dildos are: high quality material, a fantastic design and huge measurements for maximum pleasure.

If you're looking for a premium dildo made with body-friendly and quality silicone, then the King Cobra is the one you need! Its firmness and length make it a great dildo for anal sessions, being long and curved enough to stimulate your most erogenous zones. Perfect for some deep penetrations or P-spot stimulation, it's made even more intense thanks to the scales and ridges along the shaft.

The base of the King Cobra is wide and stable but does not replace a suction cup. With the rolled coils, you can also manipulate the dildo with ease and prevents it from being inserted too deeply.

For even nicer sensations and glide, we recommend using your favorite water-based lubricant. After your session, clean it thoroughly with warm water and soap or special sextoy cleaner, then let it completely air dry before storing away in a cool and dark place.

Product details:
✓ Unique monster dildo
✓ Full of scales and curves
✓ Perfect for anal sessions
✓ Made with high quality silicone
✓ Compatible with water-based lube
✓ Easy to clean

Total length: approx. 21.4 cm
Insertable length: approx. 18.3 cm
Insertable diameter: approx. 3.3 - 4.6 cm
Weight: approx. 450 g
Material: phthalate-free silicone
Color: red

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