OUCH! Xtreme Blindfold Head Harness Solid Ball Gag

Manufacturer: Shots

If you like to be touched while blindfolded to enhance your sensations, then the Xtreme Blindfold Head Harness from Ouch! is perfect for you! With its solid ball gag, you'll be the perfect slave, not being able to see or use your mouth and enable your partner to do with you as they please!

This head harness that combines a sexy blindfold with a ball gag is the top product if you are into BDSM sessions, more precisely dominance and sado-masochism. Thanks to this product from Ouch! you will live completely new sexual experiences that you will not easily forget, since it excites you like never before and takes your sex life to totally unknown corners, namely restraining and slave fantasies.

Made of PU leather, the head harness is easy to put on and comfy to wear, so you only need to focus on making the most of your new sexual experiences with this fantastic accessory. Do not wait any longer and enhance other senses while restricting others to experience the best sessions of your life!

Product details:
✓ Harness with blindfold and ball gag for maximum pleasure
✓ Eyes and mouth restricted to enhance touch sensations
✓ Perfect for BDSM sessions and roleplays
✓ Comfy material
✓ Phthalate free and easy to wear
✓ Designed in the Netherlands

Dimensions: approx. 69 x 53 cm
Diameter Ballgag: approx. 4.2 cm
Material: 70% PU Leather, 25% TPE, 5% metal
Color: black

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26.90 EUR

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