Mystim Captain Hook Wall Support

Manufacturer: Mystim

The perfect accessory for any masturbator is the possibility to use it hands-free, that's why Mystim created the Captain Hook, a wall support to experience maximum pleasure without having to use your hands! Just stick it to the wall, attach your favorite Oh Push Me Masturbator from Mystim and start pounding!

Made with sturdy ABS plastic and a strong suction cup, the Captain Hook will be able to hold out while you're banging your favorite hole! You can change the incline with ease to simulate all angles and try out different positions to find your favorite ones.

After your session, just dismount your masturbator and detach the wall support. The strong suction cup fits on any flat surface, be it horizontal or vertical.

Product details:
✓ Wall support for your Oh Push Me masturbator (sold separately)
✓ Allows for hands-free use
✓ Adjustable angle for your favorite position
✓ Strong suction cup with secure hold
✓ Easy setup

Dimensions: approx. 9 x 8 cm
Material: ABS, silicone
Color: black

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32.90 EUR

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