Mystim Edd Tight Ball Squeezer for Pubic Enemy

Manufacturer: Mystim

When you're looking for a ball squeezer to add to your Pubic Enemy No. 1 and 2 cock cages by Mystim, you should get the Edd Tight for maximum sensations! Perfect for your BDSM sessions, whether cock and ball torture, cuckhold fantasies or even chastity games, you can add it for special ball-squeezing sensations, gripping them tightly and stretching them down.

Put the cock cage of your choice on with the Edd Tight around both cock and balls, adjust it to your size and lock them up. When you're eager to punish or get punished for lousy behavior, try this new instrument of punishment made by the best-selling manufacturer of E-Stim products!

Compatible with the Pubic Enemy cock cages No. 1 and 2, you can reduce even the most stubborn slaves to full obedience when you play with their family jewels, so buy the Edd Tight ball squeezer from Mystim today!

Product details:
✓ Testicle squeezer accessory for your cock cage
✓ 3-way adjustable size
✓ Compatible with Mystim's cock cage Pubic Enemy No. 1 and 2
✓ Already included in Pubic Enemy No. 3
✓ For unforgettable BDSM sessions
✓ Made with extra-sturdy polycarbonate
✓ Easy to put on and to clean

Outer width: approx. 7.2 cm
Material: PC
Color: black

in Stock

64.90 EUR

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