Once peril is transferred to the client, we provides liability for breach of warranty for all defects which are subject to warranty obligation by law for one month. Firstly, Claims of Liability are limited to exchange of the good for compensation. If subsequent performance fails, purchaser shall have the right to demand rescission or reduction in purchase price. Claims of Liability towards small, foreseeable, typically occurring damage or defects arising from wrong usage are not accepted. Faulty goods have to be announced in written form immediately and 14 days at the latest after the ordered goods have arrived.

We assumes no liability for merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose for the goods offered. Claims of Liability towards indirect or direct damage of the purchaser or user arising from deterioration in the economic situation, loss or damage to title, death or personal injury to body or health connected to the purchase or order of any products in any way, are not accepted, unless it can be proven that we are guilty of deliberate act. For the rest, the stated terms of exclusion of liability are applying.

You cannot return sex toys, lubricants, condoms and underwear due to hygienic reasons. In case of a faulty DVD, CD or video tape, the customer is only entitled to exchange the specific product with exactly the same product. If the goods are being returned, the dispatcher must stamp the parcel properly. We do not accept unsolicited returns.



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